Balancing Rocks

At Unity Therapies Holistic Counselling  
a safe space is provided for clients to gain insight, healing & growth.  

We can work together on your healing journey via the following services:

Intuitive Counselling Session

Based on traditional 'talk therapy' modalities such as CBT, ACT, Emotional Focussed Therapy, Narrative Therapy plus embodiment techniques to assist you to gain self-awareness and make shifts in your life


Reiki Energy Healing Session
 A nurturing and healing Reiki Session
to help move and heal blocked energy.

Family Constellations Therapy Session
(Ancestral Healing)

Based on Bert Hellinger's Family Systemic Therapy, we can assess blockages within your family system that can help bring the knowledge, skills, the energy and love back to YOU! 



Packages Available

A combination of some or all of the above modalities...discuss the options with Jude.

 A new online booking system will be available very soon, in the meantime to find out more and book a session
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Conveniently located in Surry Hills & Newtown or Online.


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